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Grandmother Sparks Bible Contents

In grandmother Sparks Bible
Children of Mr and Mrs Amariah Hagerman
Alice A Hagerman July 26 1846 died 8-1849
Dortha A Hagerman Aug 17 1847 died 8-28-47
Mary R Hagerman Aug 12 1848 died 8-5-50
Sarah E Hagerman Mar 31 1850 died 12-14-23
Samuel J Hagerman Jan 22 1853 died 3-16-22
Jerrima Hagerman  Dec 19 1854 died 10-18-73
Melinda E Hagerman Feb 4 1857 died 1943
George G Hagerman Mar 20 1859
Willis G Hagerman Apr 17 1862
Robert H Hagerman Jan 4 1864

Children of John Cress and Lydia Neighbor
Jacob E Cress was born Aug 27 1849
Callista Ann Cress was born May 26 1851
Mansfield Cress was born Dec 26 1854
Marilda Cress was born Oct 28 1857
Phillip E Cress was born  Sept 30 1860
Mary E Cress was born Jan 24 1864
Second marriage to Mrs Andrews 
John Alfred Cress was born July 7 1868
George Elmer Cress was born May 6 1870
Ida Mae Cress was born Mar 31 12873
John Cress died Oct 10 1888 64 years old
Calista Gott died July 28 1882 

Children and grandchildren of Sarah E Hagerman and Jacob E Cress
Lydia Angelina Cress Jan 26 1873
Mina E Cress Sept 1 1874
Daisie E Cress Aug 30 1876
Lylus M Cress Oct 28 1878
John Amariah Cress Dec 12 1880
Lafayette Gray Cress Oct 15 1882

Mr Elmer Flickinger and Mina Cress married Mar 18 1896
Mary Etta Flickinger born 2-26 97 died 3-29-97
John W Flickinger born 9-11-01 died 1-16-08
Carl H Flickinger born 10-25-98 died 11-26-05
Sylvia L Flickinger born 4-11-08 married Otto Moad in Elk City OK died in 1992
Sylvias children are
Neva Luvern born Nov 13 1927 married Lynn Belieu on child Carol Lynn married Jerry Burnett.  Carol has 2 children
Alice Burnett born Aug 25 1972
Jonatha Burnett born Dec 29 1973

Neva Luvern has been dead about 25 years.
Charles Moad born Apr 7 1933 married Geneive Johnson in 1954 Charles died about 10 years ago
Bert Moad born Mar 15 1955 lives in Phoenix AZ
Peggy Moad born Feb 20 1956 married Webb has 2 children Jason and Danny.  Peggy divorced and her name in now Peggy Hazelrigg and now lives in Elk City OK
Carl Moad born Apr 18 1957 married Rhonda expecting a child in 1985.
Lylus Moad born Aug 1935 died when she was 28 years old had 2 children
Mark Curtright born Jan 8 1956 died in Elk City OK about 1997
Kelly Curtright born Nov 29 1957 lives in Okla City works for State Dept of Education as of 2011
Ann Moad born  Dec 2 1938 married Joe Marglio lives at 530 E 3rd Elk City OK 73644
Two children
Michael born 2-27-60  married Lisa has 2 children
Amber Jo 1-25-82
Michael Andrew 5-11-84

Mr Mark Scott and Angelina Cress married Apr 28 1897  
Clyde Scott born Mar 8 1898 married Grace Hutton 
Betty Lou Scott married Harold Wagon
Alice G Scott married Robert Bell
Albert Edward Scott lives in Corning Iowa
Rev Keith Scott lives in Waterloo or Cedar Falls Iowa  retired Methodist 
 Orval B Scott born May 9 1899 died Apr 19 1906
Alice J Scott born Dec 30 1901 married Hugh Thomas Hutton born Nov 5 1898 in Mount Vernon Iowa married Jan 22 1922 they had 5 children
Hubert Hugh 1028-22 died in 1923
Hazel Mae 5-17-24 married William Kenneth Gentborn 6-20-22 married 1-1-
Kenneth Gregory 7-8-49
Brently Scott 10-9-53 married 6-9-73 to Debra Ann Martin
Dorothy Ellen married Ted Grenis 6-5-47 address 2790 19th Ave Marion 
Anthony 5-1-48 married 7-17-72 Joyce Tippet 4-14-54  one daughter
Theodore 8-24-49 m 9-12-71 Rebecca Larimer 12-4-50
Sharon Ann 12-28-50 m 6-15-74 Larry J Henderson two daughters
Amy and Ann
Constance 11-23-55
Karen 7-17-58
Thomas 1-22-61
Timothy Paul 3-17-64
Georgia Gayle Hutton m 1-3-53 Keith Windenberg b 4-14-30 addy
2965 24th Ave Marion Iowa 52302
Wayne Thomas Windenberg B 7-3-55
Mark Lee Windenberg B 3-28-56
Rick Allen windenberg B 3-15-58
Diana Windenberg B 6-21-63
Thomas Scott Hutton married Susan Roby b 2-14-39
Craig Thomas b 7-23-61
Bruce Douglas b 7-26-62
Brian Scott b 9-27-63
Brent Marshall b 6-20-65
Jill Marie b 7-7-71
Irvin Scott born Mar 9 1902 died Jan 1997 married Dorothy Erwin Aug 25 
Robert Erwin 9-1-26 married Carol Elizabeth Engle 3-18-51 lives in 
Pasco Wash
Celia Kaye 5-15-55 born in Kenniwick Wash married Ed Corrig
2-6-79 as of 1-22-97 is Celia Silkwood NW Ark Regional Planner
Springdale Ark address 406 N Shiloh P O Box 745
Cindy Rae born Moses Lake Was married Jay Marshall
Jay Windsor born 6-6-59 in Spokane Wash
Jack Elwood 4-27-28 in Marion Iowa m Mary Alice McCabe in Cedar 
Rapids 8-6-50
Julie Marie 10-26-56
Sharon Kaye 1-26-60
Jeffery Allen 11-17-63
Quinton B Scott born 4-41904 died Nov 30 1918
Berniece Scott born 3-17-05 died 4-27-05 

Mr Willard Roy and Miss Lylus Mae Cress m 7-797 no children

Mr Bert Stewart and Miss Daisie Cress m 3-3-01
Irvin Paul Stewart 2-26-01 married Gwendoly Reiger b 12-9-04  from
Marshfield Wis M 2-6-26
Harold Eugene B 5-5-29 Linn county Iowa married Nancy
Thompson b 5-22-35 M 1-22-55
Stephen Paul married Dorothy Venice b 10-30-56
Christopher  1976
Nathan Allen 2-26 1980
Aaron Michael 11-16-81
Ronald Dean b 2-9-45 died 9-23-82 married Dora Lee
Anderson b 2-4-46 M 6-265
Denise Lynn b 11-16-66

Willard Alfred Stewart born 1026-03 m Esther L Mumford b 12-19-09
Married 4-16-30
Jo Anne b 3-17-40 married Anthony Warburton Smith 8-18-65
Heather Lynn B 5-6-71
Gregory B 5-1369 adopted by JoAnne and Tony in 73
James Alfred B 5-20-42 died 6-7-42
Lillian Jean B 8-5-46 married Emerson George Woolfitt 8-14-73
Eric Robert B 11-9-79
Ethel Lillian Stewart born 2-1705 her mother Daisie Stewart died 2-17-05
Someone came and got Lillian and raised her.  She married but never had 
Any child of her own.  I met her at a reunion several years ago.  She is now

John Cress and Minerva Andrews m 12-24-01
Everett Cress 2-2603 married Erma Van Fossen
Lorena Fern Cress born 1927 married Donald Miller
Linda Lynette Miller married Bill Burnell
Fern divorced and married Ralph Karr July 18 1952
Barbara Ann married Bill Kuhn has 3 children
Cathy Karr
Helen Louise at home
Warren at home
Decie  Rose Cress married Clyde Mason  address Shellsburg  IA
Sheryl married Eldon Kurth
Anna Marie Cress married Vaughn Witherall
Debbie married Rodger McDonald address 1855 46th St  N. E.
Cedar Rapids Iowa 52402
Alberta Cress married Earl Mason address Shellsburg Iowa 52332
Darwin married Carrie 2 adopted children
DeWayne married Judy
Doris married George Heafner 
Colette has one child
Russell married Christi
Renee married Darby Stein
Lisa Marie
Roy Everett Cress married Mary
Ray Wesley Cress married Karen
Irene married Jerry Kolshrud Box 153 Shellsburg Iowa 52332
Elaine married David Boddicker Box 24 Newhall Iowa
Bertha Cress married Delmar Oliphant no children died 1907
Forrest E Cress born Toddville Iowa 2-1609 married Clairbel Marie Roseberry
Born 6-23-16 Center Point married 7-1632 at Center Point iowa
Mark Allen Cress married Nancy Marie  Remer born 9-29-35  on 11-20-53
Kyle Marie Cress 5-31-56 married Wesley Dalton Hauk June 1975
Divorce in 1975 had one child
Wesley Dalton Hauk Jr b 9-24-77
Mark Allen Cress Jr 6-13-60 lives in Moore Okla
Timothy Joseph Cress 10-23-64 died same day
Dorothy Marie Cress 10-6-36 married Donald Bickford b 11-2-37 married 
Nov 7 1954 have 2 children
Krista Lee Bickford 11-11-77
Cory Lee Bickford 9-14-81
Evelyn Marie Cress b 5-18-43 married Harold Clarence Luckstedt born 
              -7-20-37  married Aug 30 1959
Bonnie Sue Luckstedt 10-12-66
Susan Marie Luckstedt 11-25-68
Dennis Earl Cress  July 4  1949 married Charolette Lobeye born Oct 29 1955
Married Oct 31 1974 in Zaire Africa have 3 children
Mpembia Libra 9-6-75
Mboyo 8-4-78
Mpia Anthony
Randy Lee Cress  Sept 19 1955 married Carol Jo Bickford born Oct 29 1956
Married July 26 1975. Carol is 2nd cousin to Donald Bickford who married
Dortha Cress two children.
Jeremy Dale Cress Oct 12 1978
Jacob Austin Cress May 10 1982
Dorothy Bickfords address Wyoming Iowa. Evelyn Luckstedt is Wyoming 
Iowa. Dennis Cress lives in Iowa City and Randy Lee Cressin R R Anamosa  
Lloyd Allen Cress Aug 22  1913 married Margaret Tharp on Oct 30 1939
Allen L Cress Sept 9 1941 m Carol Thompson b Nov 28 1941
Scott Allen Cress Jan 18 1969
            Lori Lynette Cress June 4 1971
Judith   Ann Cress born May 21 1950 married Larry Mumm born 11-17-39
Tisha Jo Mumm born 3-12-72
Lafayette Gray Cress born Oct 15 1882 Toddville Iowa married Irene Madison  Sept 25 1912.
Dorothy Leona Cress born 7-1-13 married Iver Larson Dec 28 1935
Warren Edward Larson born Oct 31 1936 married Thelma Fowler
3 children
Bradley 8-1-67
Eric 10-9-70
Sarah Josephine 11-22-72
Mary born 8-31-43 Ellendale Minn married Robert Sullivan in 1967
Darien 11-24-70
Kevin 7-18-73 born in Scotland
Leslie 4-12-75 born in Scotland
Rodger Larson 10-19-47 married Joyce Wray
Matthew 3-18-75
            Ryan 5-5-7
Daisy Marcella Cress 5-19-18 married Donald Wilker 9-11-42
Dale Wilker 7-6-44  b Osage Iowa married Carol Girard 10-29-66
Dana Wilker married Juana
Dean Wilker b 9-7-45
Dennis Wilker 4-21-47 married Sandy Johnson
Christi 6-2-71
Jason 7-27-78
Lawrence Eugene  Cress 3-31-21  died 7-7-97
Donald Clifford Cress 11-28-22 killed in world War 2

Deloris Marie Cress 6-2-27 married Dale Hollis Pickens 9-5-48
Hugh Edwin Pickens 1-12-49 married Betty Manrique Galvez in 
Huancayo Peru on Oct 11  1971
   m Sunday June Pickens 12-24-1984
Carolina Pickens 12-13-72 married Jaime Jahncke in 1997
Keneau born Nov 18  2004
Daniel Pickens 4-7-74 married Silva Montano in 2010
Lily  b Jan 10 2011
                Rory b 
Gail Lynn Pickens 10-13-59 married Steve Bruce Barger 5-24.1958, 1-23-83
Amber Sue Barger 11-26-85, m Caveh Masum 7-3-2016
Rachel Lee Barger 5-3-87, m David C Turnley 4-30-2011
                 Dawson Elizabeth Turnley b, 4/19/2012
Derek Michael Barger 2-18-92
         Grace Taylor Barger 3-20-2006


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