Friday, December 24, 2010

Late 20's into my 30's

Late 20’s into my 30’s

    I had major  surgery when I was 28 years old.  I had an egg break in my ovary and the pain was horrible.  Dr. Gilbert operated and my recovery was easy.  That same year dale bought a boat and a 25 H P Evinrude motor.  We started to water ski and became fairly good at it.  Eddie rode the surf board and he liked to ride in the boat.  I learned how to drive the boat and pull Dale around the lake.  We used the cabin and water skied until Gail was born.  We went to Grand Lake with bob and Emily record and also to ten killer and the Salt Plains.  We were burned out on skiing after a while.  Too many good time friends liked to come out and use the cabin and us.

    My brother Richard was killed in an auto accident in May of 1957.  Five young men in 2 cars were killed near Willow river Minn.  Such a sad time.  I was grief stricken about that for a longtime.  Dick had been in Okla the year before and stayed with us for about 3 weeks.  We were the two youngest in the family and had a special relationship.  Need I say more.  I still cry when I think about it.  First Don and then Dick.

    Gail was born Oct 13 1959 and I did not go back to work after she was born.  She was a good baby and the apple of her father’s eye.  She had dark red hair and blue eyes and a very fair complexion.  I had to change my whole life around and make new friends and find other things to do.  I did start to sew more for Gail and myself but the quilt making was 10 more years down the line.

    Hugh went to Washington school after Gail was born and continued to do well in school.  Miss Hoffman the principal said to me that they expected him to be a hand full because he was so bright but he was a normal and well mannered child.  He started to play the Cello in 5th grade and then transferred to the double bass in the 7th grade.  He started piano lessons with Mrs. Chisholm.  I bought community concert tickets and exposed him to good music.  We also bought a piano and he took lessons for several years.  His last piano teacher Moe Anderson later became extremely successful in selling real estate and working for Merrill Lynch.

    I started bowling when Gail was about 2 years old and Hugh baby sat for me.  One day I made a lemon pie and put a piece in Dale’s lunch and left the rest on the table.  When I came home from bowling the whole pie was eaten.  So at 8:30 at night I just made another lemon pie.  Guess Gail and Hugh were full.

    When Gail was 5 and Hugh was 15 he would still baby sit for me.  He told her that if she didn’t bother him he would let her sit on the bed and listen to Beatle record while he studied.  When Gail started school she knew all the Beatle records.  Hugh rode his bike to Junior High part of the time.  He was in SMSG algebra in 9th grade and did very well in school.  Think he was in the 99th percentile on the Iowa test in Junior High…

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